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Why do you need a dedicated server?

Web hosting is more common than you think: although it might differ in its functions and otherwise depending on the needs and funds of the user. This is to say that even the simple blog page you maintain is maintained through a VPS or a cheapest virtual private server, and this occurs through mass sharing because your search engine provides one server for a large number of people, and thus, it is suitable only for amateurish or leisurely activities. Fine up to now—but what if you want to spread your business through the internet by creating your own site, this primary structure would not do.

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The bandwidth that the VPS displays is the total bandwidth of the server and you must keep in mind that this bandwidth is being shared by a number of people that that you would be getting, at most, a fraction of the total bandwidth which is totally insufficient for the business purpose you are looking forward to. This would frequently disrupt the services of the site whenever the traffic is heavy, and you can soon be blacklisted due to the failure to provide the right kind of services to the customers.

What should be changed?

The entire configuration of the computer system has to be changed when you will select a web host that will give you with a dedicated (dediziert) server. The CPU you had been using have to be changed, and this would result in a private system—even your emails will be moderated by the dedicated server because you will be receiving a lot of messages so you need a bot to answer to all these, because it is naturally not possible for you to reply to every message.

What need to be kept in mind?

This is an important moment. You must remember certain main points before you commit to a web host company. There are a lot of cheap or low cost packages that are very lucrative but you can be sure that these are not at all private servers but are rented out to several customers so basically you are now paying for the stuff you could have obtained for free on the internet. A lot of these clients might have a best traffic that would make things slow for you and customers would be discouraged soon: and as you know, reputation is not something that can be gained overnight but it does not need much time for it to reach its low.

So you should go for the affordable packages that are there in the market and you should make sure that the internal memory and the data sharing is high in the web hosting, because this affects your business a lot. The more the memory, the greater stuff you can upload on your site and the more it will look a completed one, as different from an amateurish one. Thus, you will be able to upload videos of longer durations and thus be able to advertise your products with ease, and thus you will be able to gain a greater customer base. This is important because these videos can be shared on social media, which has become a great platform to share these things and the best thing among all, you will have a target audience that will be specific and not at all irrelevant. The more the memory, the easily it will load on the user’s devices and thus your customers will gain interest in your product.

dedicated-server India VPS

One thing that you all must have heard about when you had been using the private servers on the internet free of cost: that they were providing you with a substantial bandwidth. But you must have seen that the performance of the server was not likewise. This is because the bandwidth shown there is the total bandwidth that is being shared by hundreds if not thousands of users, and thus you get only a fraction amount of the total bandwidth. Ideastack.com provides you with a great bandwidth through dedicated servers so you get a great bandwidth all to yourself that is not shared by anyone.

Data centers are important: these are the places where your dedicated server is stored. Ideastack.com makes sure that you get the best facilities there. They have great facilities for inverters there so that you do not face problems if the electricity fluctuates and thus this is a great assurance. Electricity is the basic facility here, and thus, if it fluctuates, you are bound to incur losses and that is not at all desirable. Ideastack.com makes sure that these datacenters are fully air conditioned so that the server does not get heated up, and the dehumidifiers are there to make sure that moisture does not form in the machinery, which might make the system slow and the site may malfunction in the devices of your customers.

Further, it must be noted that these servers are flexible and in cases of emergency you can be provided with a different server from a different location so that you are not in the receiving end, whatever might be the reason. Ideastack.com has great servers that provide you with good bandwidth and fast data transfer which you need for your fast growing business. Scaling is easy with Ideastack.com and you can see the real time bandwidth you are being given access to. The servers that are in use are either in India or in the US, and are totally dedicated servers, so you do not need to worry about them at all.

Unmanaged servers are the stuff that requires you to take care of your own stuff and here, only you can act as the admin. However, it is advisable not to opt for this if you are not an IT professional. If you want to opt for this, these are the following packages offered by Ideastack.com:

  • The level 1 package would cost you 45$ and this would provide you with 4 GB of RAM, 250 GB HDD and 8 IP.
  • The level 2 package would cost you 75$ per month and you would be getting 8 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD or HDD and 8 IP.
  • The level 3 package would cost 105$ and the RAM would be 16 GB, the rest of the facilities are the same as in level 2.

Managed servers are the stuff that are managed by Ideastack.com and you do not need to worry about this because they have an all-round customer support and they are ready to help you anytime and they are only a call away from you.

The pricing is made user friendly by Ideastack.com and these are available in subscriptions that vary from 5-20$ per month. The differences in the prices are due to the disk space provided to you and the data transfer limit that is allowed: so you must go through the packages thoroughly so that you know the package that would be able to suit your need in the best way possible. Always go for more memory because that helps to load the videos of your site faster on the devices of the customers and will definitely yield favorable outputs.

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